Brand new for 2020 the Covert QRE 10 is one of our most technologically advanced sticks to date with key features designed for better control and feel when using this stick.


A new angular edge taper drives flex energy through the hosel that magnifies power and quick release. Our unique geometry improves response, is more stable and plays stronger.

Shaft Shape

Traditional shaft shape with rounded corners for enhanced puck feel and comfort.


A lightweight polymer blade core that enhances puck feel and makes shots pop. Now with our 25K Enigma Carbon weave around the core redesigned to be even tougher. The texture on the blade increases the feel for the puck. FuelCore+ reduces breakdown of materials in the blade and increases the durability and feel.

Minimus Carbon 1500D

High Strength, lightweight unidirectional carbon design. The QRE10 shaft is lighter and tougher than ever. The material is dynamic and elastic, providing excellent feel for all parts of the game.

Shadow Feel

Shadow Feel construction creates the most well-balanced stick ever built and enhances how the stick feels during play giving you more control and response.

Slide Grip

Textured zones only where you need them to provide optimum grip and control. Removing the texture from areas you don’t making it easy to slide your hands for poke checks, face offs, and puck battles.

Player Profile

Players that rely on quick shots and passes that play mostly below the tops of the circles. They hardly ever wind up for big slap shots but instead choose to generate their offense with wrist and snap shots. The quick release allows for faster play down low. These are also players that play with more feel for passes and stick handling.

Effortless mobility in an anatomical protection package built to play hard. Whether it’s puck control, slash protection, or shooting accuracy, the Covert QRE10 gloves have the perfect blend of fit and performance features.


The glove contours to the natural shape of your wrist and hand to maximize mobility and protection.

Axyflex V2 Cuff

Ultimate wrist mobile freedom when stick handling and shooting all the while offering full slash protection.

Wartech FNC Liner

Powered by Polygiene so you are always cool, dry and odor free - the very best gloves stay Fresh & Clean.

Axyflex Thumb

Mobility and dexterity through the hand and fingers is enhanced with the ANYFlex thumb and foam mesh gussets.

Buttersoft Feel

Responsive Lycra gussets, AXYFLEX thumb and our anatomical stretch backhand give Covert gloves a noticeable, game ready feel right off the shelf.

Exo+ Foam

Advanced foam protection that is extremely lightweight combined with shield inserts that absorb big slashes and whacks.

Smartpalm+ With Clarino Har

Integrates with entire glove providing maximum feel and durability only in the key areas of the palm. Clarino Har is an abrasion reinforcement that slows wear and tear without sacrificing a soft touch feel.

Warrior’s newest helmet addition to the Covert family, blending traditional 2-piece construction with advanced comfort, protection and pro design


Compression molded liner providing comfort and maximum protection on all impacts.

Cooling Vents

Integrated within the helmet shell, our unique vent design directs air flow through the helmet and around the players head to help stay cool out on the ice.

Snap Flaps

Traditional tooless adjustment system to properly fit the helmet, hassle free.

Lightweight and mobile, the QRE design allows the pants to move naturally with the skater, resulting in unhindered movement and protection.


Tailored pro fit to follow follow natural skating posture. The minimalist form fitting style allows you to remain quick and agile in gameplay.

Adjustable Leg Extension

Fit versatility for the growing player and or the player looking for more finite adjustment. A zippered gusset allows for a 1” leg extension.

Impax Foam

Mobility and dexterity through the hand and fingers is enhanced with the ANYFlex thumb and foam mesh gussets.

Minimus Outer Shell

A mix of premium denier nylon weaves focused on lightweight, durability and stretch. Now with front suspender pull straps and adjustable zippered inseam gussets.

Wartech FNC Liner

Powered by Polygiene so you are always cool, dry and odor free - the very best pants stay Fresh & Clean.