Polygiene Technology


What are the benefits of Polygiene Odor Control Technology?

The silver salt (AgCl, silver chloride) in Polygiene inhibits and guards against the growth of odors from microbes such as bacteria, fungus and mildew. Your garments, footwear and gear will:

Stay Fresh
Polygiene inhibits the growth of odor- causing bacteria for that fresh-all-day feeling. Odor develops when odor-causing bacteria settles into the fabric, mixes with sweat and multiplies.

Stay Hygienic
Polygiene helps prevent odor and prolongs the lifetime of clothing, footwear, gear and wetsuits, since the products are treated to resist deterioration by mold fungus and odor-causing bacteria.

Get a permanent effect
The treatment is permanent and effective for the lifetime of the product.

Longer lifetime of garments, gear and footwear
Fibers live longer without bacteria and excessive washing, and treated products are not discarded prematurely due to odor.

What is Polygiene and how does it work?

  • Polygiene is based on silver salt (silver chloride) produced from recycled silver.
  • Silver chloride is naturally present in water and soil.
  • Polygiene particles have a large amount of silver ions per surface area. Due to the structure of the particles,very small amounts of silver are required for effective treatment.
  • Polygiene is co-applied with other treatments to the fabric during the finishing stage. This helps minimize the impact on the environment because additional energy or water is not required.

Without Polygiene

Odor-causing bacteria multiplies

With Polygiene

Inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria
Sweat and odor-causing bacteria

Any efffects when worn next to skin?

  • Background in the healthcare sector – Polygiene has its heritage in the healthcare sector and has undergone extensive skin sensitivity testing.
  • No interference with bacteria naturally occurring on the skin – Polygiene is active only on the material’s surface and does not interfere with bacteria naturally found on the skin, even when used for long periods of time1, 2. Tests also conclude that there is no identified risk from dermal and oral contact with silver treatments3.
  • Polygiene is not nano silver